Ideatek Solutions is an establishment providing services in the field of IT, Mobile and Technology with expertise in the sector. Continues its activities in the information sector by offering its 20 years of knowledge and experience more professionally.

Gokhan Darcan, who is the founder and manager of Firm and supports his professional accumulation with his training, started to develop internet products in 1996. Since 2007, he has been working on mobile technologies as well as Internet products.

During this process, he realized the winning program of the Electronic Information Technology Press Award of Turkish Informatics Foundation as well as the first prize in the Chip Magazine Design Contest and was included in the internet-based technological software works at CEBIT Bilisim Eurasia Fair and Information Summit events.

Since 1997, Darcan has been a founder and creator of many different projects by producing content in different fields since 1997. Darcan has recently been working on Ideatek Solutions to work on integrated technology studies, project-product development, consultancy and technology for web-mobile and internet products.

Today, with Ideatek Solutions, we share our know-how and experience in IT, Internet, Online, Mobile and Social Media for over 20 years.

What We Do

  • High-quality Internet, telecommunications platforms and services – From pre-project to completion, from delivery to use
  • Quick and personalized tips
    • Reinforce your teams punctually
    • Outsource, all or part of a project
    • Organize and operate a web and marketing operation
    • A-Z Social Media Management and Marketing
    • Consultancy for all types of IT and Digital Projects and Delivery