Customized Dashboard Data Visualization

IdeaTEK provides imagination, expertise, tools and services to create customized tabs to support large data visualization and UI designs to transform your analytical vision into reality.

IdeaTEK create tailor made solution based on specific business goals and customers.


Customer Requests KPI Analysis

Identification of Relevant Data Channels

Dashboard Creation and Designing Visuals

Custom Dashboard Software Development

QA Testing

Dashboard Delivery to Client

Our dashboard data analytics solutions

  • An indicator chart providing an overview of the major decision areas in your business
  • The dashboard allows intensive use of visual indicators such as graphics, charts, and diagrams to represent the data
  • Important events are highlighted so you can get up and running quickly
  • The given data follows a logical path; further reducing this uncertainty
  • Usability experts bring each instrument panel to the screen to ensure functionality and simplicity
  • A completely secure cloud platform that allows you to access your data from anywhere
  • Access controls and user-level multiple user levels