As long as you can live happily with the internet integrated into human life, a concept far beyond the current internet has been introduced with new technologies and tools. It is stated that this new universe, called the Metaverse, is the future of the internet.

This concept has increased its popularity more recently, with Facebook company taking the meta name as the umbrella brand. Facebook has posted jobs to recruit 3500 competent staff to work on the Metaverse project, and has started investing billions of dollars in this space by starting to buy companies working on virtual reality devices (Oculus).

Again, Adidas company announced that it was officially included in Metaverse by supporting the Sandbox project. Most of us have no idea about Metaverse, which is said to affect our future so much. “What is the Metaverse?” and “How to Enter the Metaverse Virtual Realm?” It’s up to us to answer such questions.

What is Metaverse?

The word metaverse was first used as the name of the fictional world created in a novel by Neal Stephenson. It is thought that it is actually a combination of two words, more precisely, it is said that the Metaverse is a combination of the words Meta (Beyond) and Universe (Universe). In summary, Metaverse is used to mean “beyond the universe” and has become a concept used to express a fictional universe.

The virtual universe called Metaverse allows people to live online in a virtual world using special tools and computers. In other words, you live in a universe beyond the universe you know.

This concept, which is at the very beginning of the road, can be thought of as a kind of adaptation of the Matrix movie to real life. Of course, we think that it will take more time to reach reality at the rate of the Matrix. In other words, Metaverse projects will be a virtual world that we enter voluntarily, not a world we live in against our will, as in the Matrix.

As such, the Crypto money world embraced Metaverse and immediately produced projects on this subject. As a result, Metaverse can be run without blockchain technology, but in today’s conditions, the formation of projects in this way can provide a more reliable use.

Metaverse universes are universes created using Blockchain and NFT technologies as well as the internet. Many projects with a game-like structure operating in this area have become places where people live. Although this job is somewhat similar to Aydan selling land, it is based on much more realistic and concrete foundations.

As a result, unlike a lunar land where you can never go into Metaverse universes, you have crypto-based, blockchain technology-protected digital assets and you live in this digital world. Previously, characters in computer games and Items belonging to those characters were bought and sold in a similar way.

Now, with these universes, which look like games played using augmented and virtual reality devices, things have started to take a slightly different turn. In most Metaverse projects, these digital assets can be sold and exchanged. So you can buy your own lands, houses, cars, travel in this universe and interact with other people.

It will be possible to use 3D (Three-Dimensional) and interactive internet services in these structures, which are somewhat similar to computer games. Very similar to science fiction movies, isn’t it? Let’s focus on how it works.

What is Blockchain?

I think there is no person in the world and in our country who has not heard the words Bitcoin and Blockchain anymore. However, we would like to briefly state that Blockchain, that is, blockchain technology, first started to be heard with Bitcoin. A person named Satoshi Nakamoto talked about a project that states that a digital currency called Bitcoin can be produced and used with blockchain technology.

This technology works depending on the logic of following and recording data by many computers at the same time. In this way, digital currency assets can be transferred to and received from digital wallets consisting of long combinations of numbers and letters whose owner is unknown to others. Because the owner of the wallet is unknown, this money transfer process, called “Crypto” (Encrypted or Confidential), is called Peer to Peer.

Imagine a system where all these transactions and other detailed information are added end-to-end and recorded as a chain. And imagine this chain being recorded on thousands of computers at the same time. Data with so many independent copies is highly secure and cannot be changed.

In this system, the verification process works by validation by the computers that save the data. And in each verification process, a reward is given to those who verify the chain. This award is today’s Cryptocurrency. Many more Cryptocurrencies developed after Bitcoin have become operational by creating their own blockchain. Another well-known cryptocurrency developed separately from Bitcoin is Ethereum.

Metaverse Blockchain Relationship

Metaverse is the realization of VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) augmented reality projects using the blockchain system, and the digital assets you acquire in this universe are recorded with the blockchain system.

In this way, the digital assets of everyone who uses Metaverse are protected and made unique. Asset trading is also done through digital currencies called Tokens developed by each project. Thus, thanks to NFT (Non Fungible Token), i.e. Immutable Tokens, ownership and copyright issues have been eliminated.

In this way, it is tried to acquire a property in this digital environment and transfer it to others without any problems. If you say that there is no problem in the system, of course, there may be problems for those who do not know the working logic of the system. Of course, these problems are mostly caused by malicious third parties who steal their assets under the pretext of helping people who do not know the system.

What is Metaverse Avatar? How is it created?

It has to be a character that represents you in the metaverse universe you are in. This character, called Avatar, will be a fictional character that you control and manage like the hero in the computer game. You can navigate and interact with this universe by creating an Avatar that looks like yourself or is completely imaginary.

Each project has its own character creation system. The Avatar creation system, which started with the Roblox game, is similarly used in all Metaverse projects. Clothes, hats, pets travelling with you and some jewellery have become the most frequently bought and sold items in these games.

You can create your own avatar by considering your own hair, body type, eyebrows, eyes, nose and other details separately. You will first be given a standard Avatar and asked to edit it however you want. Now, let’s take the most well-known Metaverse projects that you’ve been eagerly waiting for.

Best Metaverse Projects

Today, many Metaverse projects have been implemented. Thanks to the decentralized nature of Blockchain and Crypto assets, many projects are used today.

Maybe in the future, our children and grandchildren will use similar sentences for blockchain and metaverse projects. Although it is not investment advice, it is useful to approach these projects with this logic. Let’s talk about these projects, which have a certain value today, but whose value is not clear in the future, which are implemented and actively used at first glance.


Decentraland was a well-known project in the cryptocurrency markets with a currency known as MANA. You can login to this project by creating an account. You can purchase assets on Decentraland, a decentralized world, and interact actively in this world. As in every project, you enter the game by creating an Avatar. We can’t say we weren’t a little disappointed as we encountered very simple characters, but we are sure that they will be improved over time.

Decentraland also organizes competitions to craft and create various Metaverse worlds. It also awards prizes to developers in its competition to create a Cyberpunk 2077 city. As you can see, you don’t just have to be a user in these universes, you can also make some improvements and market them in the system.

In order to buy items or items in the game, you need to have your own MANA wallet and MANA. If you do not have knowledge of buying and selling cryptocurrencies and digital currency wallets, we recommend that you do research in this area.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox announced that its Alpha version will be open to the public from November 20 to December 20. SAND is used as currency in Sandbox Alpha, which is a game-like universe just like other projects. Now they have announced that they will give 1000 SAND and 3 NFTs to those who land from the Alpha universe.

As of December 2, 2021, due to the official announcement of Adidas company’s involvement in this project, the SAND currency made a sudden increase in Dollar terms. The investment of a brand like Adidas in Metavers may be a proof of how much this field will develop.

They stated that the Sandbox Alpha game only works on the Windows operating system for now, but they state that they will make an announcement for MacOS soon. To open a The Sandbox account;

  • Email
  • Social media account
  • You need one of the WEB 3-based Metamask account options and a crypto wallet to link to this account.

Create The Sandbox account using one of these options and link a crypto wallet to the account. Then start enjoying this new world.

Facebook Meta

Although Facebook entered this field later, we can say that it is the company that made the strongest investment. Facebook must trust Metaverse so much that it has gathered all its brands under the umbrella of its brand META. Initially, this move was thought to be related to the collapse of social media accounts last September, but it soon became clear that the situation was completely different.

Mark Zukerberg himself shows how great his contribution to the project is by being in the promotional videos of his own brand Meta. Facebook, the first established social media platform, has lost its popularity among young people, but we believe that it will quickly take over this area with these projects.

In fact, he may be right, because almost everyone with access to the Internet has a Facebook account. Time will tell where this situation will evolve. Now we leave you alone with Facebook’s advertising video.


MBOX MOMOverse, a project supported by Binance, one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges, is an NFT-based game project. Binance announced that it will distribute MBOX’s NFT characters free of charge to people who open an account by making an Airdrop (Free Distribution) application. The MBOX currency has also been on the rise recently due to this metaverse game project introduced under the name of Binance-supported NFT farmer. If you like farming games, we recommend you to try them.

Star Atlas

This project also consists of a space-based strategy game. They are promoting with a very impressive trailer. If you like space-themed games and characters, you will see that it is a project that you will admire when you watch it. You can login to Star Atlas here. Again, like all other metaverse universes, an account cannot be created without a crypto wallet. The currency in the Star Atlas universe has also become Star Atlas with the same name.


Anyone with a 6-10-year-old child knows the ROBLOX game. ROBLOX, a game that may be introduced as the ancestor of Metaverse in the near future, is played quite widely among children. You can buy characters, pets and some items with the digital currency called Robux. It is also possible to earn money with the tasks given in the game. In the ROBLOX universe, which has a wide variety of playgrounds, there is even the Squidgame series-themed game that has made its name on Netflix recently.

Roblox, which generally designs escape games, is very good at keeping young people’s attention warm with its various game themes.

How to Buy Metaverse Coins?

Metaverse tokens can be purchased on the vast majority of existing cryptocurrency exchanges. You can also make this exchange by opening an account on many major cryptocurrency exchanges (Binance, Coindesk etc). If you do not have such experience before, we recommend that you first research cryptocurrency exchanges and other types of savings and cold wallets.

The most important issue we want to warn about when transferring money to this area is that the crypto wallets where the money you will transfer to the cryptocurrency exchanges are stored are the exchanges. In case of a problem, the exchange may not refund you your money. Technically, these wallets belong to them.

If you are not going to buy and sell constantly, we recommend that you only use your own wallets instead of the stock market. There are also hardware-shaped cryptocurrency wallets, with the most well-known brand name Ledger, or you can keep your money similarly in wallets on the internet.


These projects are currently designed as games. There are various competitions and games that you can participate in within the game. You can also earn rewards and money based on your achievements and missions here. You can enter these universes without the need for VR equipment such as Oculus, but it should be noted that it is necessary to have such tools in order to fully experience these universes.

Oculus Quest 2, the new model of Oculus, is available for sale for $299 for the 128GB model and $399 for the 258GB model. For those who want to have a more enjoyable experience, it is necessary to pay this money. Let’s just say, this Metaverse is quite expensive.