This conversation can be talked in every level, every team of software development or project management may be on product development phases.

Every different teams can have different opinions about it. But one thing is not arguable; “The Quality“. Everyone agreed on the purpose of “Quality” has to be there for every product or software.

So what’s the status about the reality!

Technology is moving fast and the competition is much harder than the previous decade. Sometimes company owners are pushing the developers or product teams to catch the deadline that is a dream. Sometimes it can be catchy but sometimes it can’t.

In reality, I can give you big examples of the Quality & Quick Delivery paradox on the products.

When Steve Jobs has 2 different approach for 2 different products.

  • First colorful iMac, the product team designed the iMac with a tray-based CDrom drive instead of slot-loading drive. So he pushed them for the quality of the product to create slot-loading drive.
  • Steve Jobs launched the iPhone on stage that the product actually not being completely ready, but the show is finished almost any issue happened. If the same day this product had launched to the public it was going to be a huge disappointment. It was a luck but also about the commitment and the teamwork.

The same things can happen for also the software area. In this competitive world, everyone tried to fast enough to create new things to take a bigger part of the cake from the market.

Recently there was a critical bug that spread on iMessage critical security bugrevealed and also Skype has similar issues in their Chat software recently. And they are really critical bugs that you cannot even open the iMessage or Skype until the new update comes.

So, the world is going to more competition, but the people deserve to get bad or not enough tested products?

The answer is no! So what has to be done?

The answer is actually not easy, but also simple. Is it possible to create a “motto” for the companies that they created the products for market.

I believe they are all using the best software development methodologies, good tools, good product development methodologies, etc.

Actually, besides that methodology, the key is underneath of the collaboration success between the teams.

So many people involved in the product life from scratch until the death like product teams, including the software developers, design teams, product owners, test teams, etc.

If the synergy and high quality collaboration between these teams that create valuable results and happy customers.

If you are not ignoring this habit from your product teams or company culture, you would be the winner with good strategy!